viernes, 13 de julio de 2012

Homework: Unit 3 and 4

Personal Items. 

Tell what you have in your room
A: What’s in your room?
B: In my room there is a TV, a completed puzzle and some videogames!
What’s the perfect gift? 
A. What’s the perfect gift for
B. The Perfect Gift For me would be a car, im a car fan and i love motor racing!

A) Is this your room?
B) Yes this is, do you like it?
A) Of Course!
I Have an ipod, i love that gadget. it's very usefull and practical!!!

1. Take a picture of your romm and describe what it is in there.

In my room there's a gothic window, theres a bed with a ford anglia flying car shape and there are some pictures from harry potter, also theres a tv and some videogames!

2. Find three pictures that describe the perfect present for you , your mom and your best friend. Write short sentences.

 The 2013 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG V10 definitely would be the perfect gift for me! I love mercedes and im a HUGE fan of Motor Racing!!!!!

The perfect gift for my mom would be definitely go to a concert from chayanne she is a big fan of this artist and she knows all their songs

The Perfect Gift For My best friend would be the Epiphone Les Paul Classic, is a LEGENDARY guitar and my best friend is an excelent guitar player!!!

Make a photo story with photos of people doing things. Write sentences

The GrandFather is Singing a song and playing the guitar, He is not eating.
The Mother is Singing and clapping, she is not dancing
The Girl Is singing and dancing, she is not playing the guitar.
The Father is Singing and dancing with the girl, he is not cooking.
The grandmother is cooking, she is not singing.

viernes, 29 de junio de 2012

Tomates Fritos Live TODAY!!!!!!!!!

Today is the day....

Hoy viernes 29 de junio, TOMATES FRITOS abre las puertas del Hotel Miramar con un concierto en PDVSA La Estancia Maracaibo, a partir de las 8:00pm.
Luego del excelente recibimiento que ha tenido Hotel Miramar, a casa llena en Valencia para su lanzamiento y un concierto para tres mil personas en Puerto la Cruz, los Tomates Fritos escogen a Maracaibo como la tercera ciudad más importante para continuar con su gira y la presentación de su más reciente producción.
Desde la fecha del lanzamiento de este nuevo LP, la agrupación ha logrado ser Trending Topic Nacional dos veces en el mismo mes, recibir más de nueve mil visitas en su video promocional Tripolar y obtener una gran cantidad de publicaciones verificando así, el éxito de este trabajo musical.
Recordamos que la cita será en la sede de PDVSA La Estancia Maracaibo, el día viernes 29 de junio a las 8:00 pm.
Para más información sobre la banda y sus actividades, pueden seguirlos a través de su cuenta de Twitter: @tomatesfritos o visitar

PDVSA La Estancia se encuentra ubicada en la Calle 77 (bulevar 5 de Julio), parroquia Olegario Villalobos del Municipio Maracaibo, al lado del Edificio Principal de Enelven.

De esta manera, la invitación se hace extensiva a todo el público joven para que asista a esta presentación de rock, con entrada gratuita.
So Book Now your room at the HOTEL MIRAMAR!!!!!!!!!!

Level 1 Unit 4 - What are you doing?


This is the lesson for unit 3

Level 1 World Link unit 3



This is the lesson for unit 4, here we practice present continuos

Level 1 World Link unit 4

viernes, 1 de junio de 2012

My homework

Favorite stuff

My favorite Singer is Ciro Pertusi

My favorite Actor is Jim Carrey

My favorite Athlet is Lionel andres Messi Cuccitini

My favorite Social network is twitter (@FerrNando_o)

My favorite Professor is Argel Valladares (English teacher and writer)

My favorite Kind of music is rock, I hate ppopular kinds of music (hip hop, one direction, lagy daga and many others)

Soon i'll be posting my interview. Questions: What's his/her name? Where is he/she from? Where is she/he from originally? Whats her/his nationality? What language does he/she speak? What is his/her city like?

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sábado, 19 de mayo de 2012

Hello Chaps!

Hi, ppl, my name is Fernando and Im 18 yrs Old, Im a Industrial Engineering student at Urbe, I Studied High School At "El Prado" I have two younger sisters and a mid-size family, i love rock, i love sports, i love to play guitar and drums, i love venezuelan rock and I LOVE SPEAKING ENGLISH. i'm kind of obsessed with BRITTISH ACCENT, i really want to learn how to speak like a brittish. i hate popular stuff (Reggaeton, Champeta, Blackberrys, lagy daga, disney stuff) i hate rice and watermelon and my favorite meals are hamburgers and the breads of subway well, i hope you like my blog, i'll be using this for a long time.

You can't, you MUST FOLLOWMEONTWITTER @FerrNando_o

PD: I like my english 1 Class at urbe.




Now the songs!

Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Zephyr Song.


This one is very practical, one of my favorites songs in english, and also one of my favorite bands.

Red hot Chili Peppers - Snow (Hey ho)

This is in spanish. but WHAT A SONG (i went to this concert and it was just stunning) #MAIGAD #MADEINVENEZUELA #TOMATESFRITOS #ROCKNROLL 


Los Paranoias - My Fish Half Dying (Official Video) #MADEINVENEZUELA: